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Singing contest

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My wife was not at home and I’m happy to take care of my son one whole day. He’s sleeping sweet now. Just do some recalling.

The annual important event of the SFXC music club “sing^3 singing contest” was held yesterday. I’m not professional, but students asked me to be one of the judges (together with FC & SHY) of that event. Just like last year, singing while dancing is always impressive. The champion of the senior group event went to “4 sons” because we teachers enjoyed the happy atmosphere and their effort in preparing the dance.

When it comes to the score of ‘cooperation’, in my school days, my teachers would focus on the harmony of voices, like Simon and Garfunkel (Hello darkness my old friends…), but today, I seldom find that kind of harmonic performance, instead, the dancing or making jokes may be more dominant, part of the reasons should be the culture “fed” by similar Hong Kong TV programs.

It is very happy to see students on the stage and become ‘another one’, like some F.7 boys I know. Richard, Yip, Tsui, H, Wong, they had tried hard. A F.4 student, Chow, he was a naughty boy but I’m quite shocked to listen to his performance, his voice is clear with a bit sorrowful feeling. Actually, many senior students performing good, the major difference may be something about the “lasting power” (i.e. made no mistake even in the last note of the singing)

Actually, I prefer singing to listening, but I know my voice (together with my whole self) is “deteriorated”, but I think it’s enough to sing songs to my son (and wife sometimes :p).

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