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anniversary ceremony of Y.U.81

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Last night was the 30th anniversary ceremony of the establishment of Y.U.81, we had games and hot-potting, leaving school at 10 p.m. something. Although the activities were just similar to previous years, I think the change should be the quality of members. Senior members took care of the junior like brothers. (Esp. stayed with a crying member) I just recalled the days when chun tak was the HSL (or earlier), the dinner hours were a bit embarrassing for quite a lot of ‘men’s talk’ and ‘foul languages’ there. However, in recent years, members were becoming much more polite and respectful to teachers. As Mr. Ching always claims that the boys of SFXC are of very high quality in conduct. You know, my mother school was a band 5 school and I knew how trouble will be when students acting madly. One old boy, Mak, was there, he was good at solving 3*3*3 Rubik’s Cube and he is playing 5*5*5 Rubik’s Cube now. He said the principles were quite similar. How interesting to tell that two handsome young teachers, Mr. Rock and Mr. Zinc were enthusiastic about playing the 3*3*3 Rubik’s Cube these days in staff room. I think that it may be a good show if there are competitions or performances about playing Rubik’s Cube. A Talentine show? Apart from singing and musical performance, we may have other alternatives. Magic? Yoyo? One F.2 student in my class had a mini-show in the class party, just click the following and have a look!


Occasionally, I found the following movie clip: a Japanese TV program.


Quite surprising that mathematics can be ‘used’ in a popular TV show! I’m afraid that we cannot watch similar programs in Hong Kong in the near future, even after the introduction of digital television broadcasting system with high resolution.


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