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F.7 last day

Filed under: School Activities — johnmayhk @ 3:10 下午

31st Jan 2008 was the last normal school day of F.7 students. I know some F.7 students sobbed in the moment of singing the song “today” and “school song”. It may be a kind of success that the love of school from students is so real. It is admirable that students keep their passion towards life (not even in school). We are trained not to be too emotional, trained to be rational, yes, we know. But sometimes, it is already too cold (just like the recent weather) to make a living in this jungle-like society, why don’t we enjoy (even a very short moment of) the feeling of love among classmates, friends and the things we love? Therefore, I do hate to listen to certain comments like “年年都有 last day 啦,見得多就慣啦。”


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