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The school authority suggested the students’ union to set up a forum as a channel of communication between the school and students. Here are some points jotted from the SFX Forum held on 2008-01-25. Precaution, it is only for your reference, I’m not a good secretary to give 100% full picture of the ideas and speeches. Remember, here is, of course, not an official blog.
(1) Floating class : why F.6 need to “float”?

– Reality, not enough normal classrooms
– Fairness, F.6 students will be promoted to F.7 and there are fixed classrooms for F.7 boys (better preparation for public exam).
– Good news: after the F.7 mock exam, F.6 boys will stay in fixed classrooms.

(2) The 2-minute bell : disturb teaching?

– Serious problem in cleaning up the school campus, need to do something
– A kind of education on students’ conduct
– Some band 3 school students even perform better than us

(3) Lockers: why not all students have them?
– F.1 and F.2 come first for the sake of health
– School authority has a step-by-step installment plan, cost? $100000
– Priority of the use of limited resources should be taken into account, think about the question “is it a very serious problem in academic performance if students are not given lockers”?

(4) 10℃ standard: when and where to measure?
– A tradition to set 10℃
– School blazer is not a kind of fashion
– It is believed that school blazer with pullover can withstand the cold weather
– The school uniform symbolizes the respectful identity of our school.
– Pure, simplicity, uniform equality may be the major idea in designing school uniform
– SFXS does have jacket, and the school authority takes it into consideration
– The principal believes that boys perform better than girls in withstand the cold weather
– One student suggested hiring fashion designer to give design in school blazer, the vice principal responded indirectly that in bible, why God created the “restricted” tree, it is a kind of training and education: there are bitterness and lessons we need to learn in our life

(5) Why purchase lot of musical instruments but not lockers?

– The money was from alumni in the memory of Brother Denis with the specified use of purchasing musical instruments

(6) How to use the recent donations?
– There is a SFXC foundation limited established for the supervision donations; the principal has no power to control everything in the use of donated money.

(7) Problems in changing room
– The school authority encourage students to give opinions and think within the setting of the school, the reality. Every stakeholder has the right to give opinions about the school.

感謝學生會舉辦 SFX forum,讓我們可以和校方有溝通的機會。當然,

We may think based on reality, or we may think out of the box. But, sorry, I rather like Zhuangzi.


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  1. “It is believed that school blazer with pullover can withstand the cold weather"
    i don’t think so…it’s hard to keep warm without a scarf and some students may not live in urban areas.

    迴響 由 SP Loa — 2008/02/03 @ 9:22 下午 | 回應

  2. Yes, you’re right. We cannot ensure that everyone feel the same even under the same physical conditions.

    I do believe that the school authority is willing to listen to opinions from different stakeholders (well, especially the parents may be ^_^). Your mother had already discussed this matter with the principal at the Inauguration Ceremony of the SFXC Junior Ambassadors. Hopefully, the school uniform “problem" will be settled in the near future.

    迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2008/02/06 @ 1:09 上午 | 回應

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