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Hilbert tells stories

Filed under: Family — johnmayhk @ 11:20 下午

Hilbert, a 2.5-year-old boy, was very exciting because my old friends from my old church visited us today. He had fun with sisters. We asked him to tell a story, he did. What a suprise that he told us a very short story created on his own. We all laughed and enjoyed the precious moment with the gift from God. I do want to record Hilbert’s every funny moment. However, he is really growing very fast and I’m too old to catch up with all the swift changes. Just picture some of his joyful times here.


Hello to the world! Perhaps, someone had put that funny little green hat on your brain some days in your life…p1080993.jpg

Pink piggy, loving you!


Oh dear, I was so excited to play with sisters!


Hilbert, how stupid I am! I’m longing for being with you all the time, even, I’d imagined to walk in your dream to protect you from the fear. But, how about my dream?


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