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F.5 last day

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Today is the last normal school day of F.5 students. This is the song chosen


曲 : touch by yu chung
詞 : 林若寧
編 : 盧凱彤 at 17
唱 : 許志安

那年一起靜坐抗議 那年一起玩物喪志
當走進大社會 奉獻少 罵戰多
相識接著拆夥 朋友仔沒有幾個 幾個
敵人很多 少一個不算少 多一個都太多
當初唱字母歌 學會的 未算多
終於領悟更多 人跌倒又上一課 一課
校門即使逐一給光陰上鎖 都謹記當初
(夕陽之歌剩低這一首輓歌 想起我當初)
某人新婚席上再見 笑容顯得特別靦腆
當走進大社會 是與非 右與左
當中價值太多 朋友仔沒有幾個 幾個
聚頭不多 推搪有工作多 多親切都變疏
不想唱勵志歌 勵志歌 勵志麼
彼此背負太多 隨每天習慣經過 經過
為誰奔波獲得比當初再多 比不上當初

Instead of 3:19 (used by F.7 boys), they made the phrase “I heartsuit SFX". As the lyrics in a song “天花亂墜" (performed by 黃耀明), “實際這歌替你感覺", when there is something that cannot be easily or directly expressed and shared, it may be songs to tell more than we can imagine, provided that we have a still mind to taste every word and moment in life. Remember the real tears and laughter, they are too easy to lose when you are getting old.

I remembered that my first “public performance" was singing the song 前程錦繡 (羅文) in the Kwai Shing community hall when I was a F.4 student. How precious to have sweet memories in secondary school life!

Fortunately, the last lesson of F.5C was mathematics, I just shared something about my secondary school lifes with them, out of many teachers’ expectation, they were surprisingly quite and claim (except the hits by the big mic and sword) in the lesson (not going out, walking around the campus) to listen to my utterence.

No more gags now, F.5C boys.


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