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Magic appreciation : Cyril Takayama – Crocodile

Filed under: Fun — johnmayhk @ 10:51 下午

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  1. I see what he’s doing, but can’t get what he’s saying

    迴響 由 Ed — 2008/03/10 @ 6:21 下午 | 回覆

  2. You mean you understand the trick he is playing? He IS the great magic master, CYRIL!!!

    迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2008/03/10 @ 7:54 下午 | 回覆

  3. been finding you all day long and you still haven’t shown up! By the way the namelist is done and I wonder when you can take a look?

    迴響 由 Ed — 2008/03/11 @ 7:39 下午 | 回覆

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