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Hilbert sing and dance

Filed under: Family — johnmayhk @ 11:37 下午

二歲零的 Hilbert 上弦為大家高歌幾曲


1. ABC song

2. 太陽伯伯

3. 無厘頭巴士歌







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  1. he is so cute and brilliant…being a little child must be the happiest time in life…

    迴響 由 SP Loa — 2008/03/25 @ 11:26 上午 | 回覆

  2. 真係好活潑精靈呀…

    迴響 由 lanven — 2008/03/25 @ 6:23 下午 | 回覆

  3. John Sir,

    I would Like to ask about ‘centroid’

    As I know centroid is made up of 3 medians
    and medians connect to the mid pt of opposite sides……..

    but i don’t understand why can’t medians bisect the angle also?

    迴響 由 Vincent — 2008/03/25 @ 9:50 下午 | 回覆

  4. Vincent, read


    For equilateral triangle, medians bisect angles of course.

    迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2008/03/25 @ 9:55 下午 | 回覆

  5. Quite^999 kid! My sister love childs especially babies to death, everytime she sees a baby on a street she starts whispering in my ears of the beauty…
    Anyway, it’s been some time we haven’t talked… HW unallow and the IH test too… It’s much freer, but I’m still having trouble figuring how on earth I cuold darning handle 5 Chinese books in one month…
    Don’t you think it is really hard for us to think of a total Maths game without using a old idea of chess or somewhat like that? Perhaps this is for higher form. Yet if you allow chess, it’d be easy… How am I suppose to create something like… soduku…
    Gotta, celebrating sister’s birthday— Chinese University la^^ If only I could fight in, gosh…

    迴響 由 Ed — 2008/03/29 @ 8:13 下午 | 回覆

  6. I should say cut^9999 kid… ^_^

    迴響 由 Ed — 2008/03/29 @ 8:14 下午 | 回覆

  7. SP Loa,是,幸好我們還有童年。

    Edmund, yes, it’s quite difficult to create a math game out of nothing. You may try to modify or combine some present games (like chess, card games etc.) and add some math elements, that’s it. Happy birthday ti your sister, you mean you have the celebration in CUHK?

    迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2008/03/30 @ 5:05 下午 | 回覆

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