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[Gag] Topless

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[認真 mode] 想集齊一套



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  1. Hi there, busying…
    By the way, it’s totally a dead silence in Maths lesson…
    I’m done with the virus, I’m just looking for a super-clever virus-interrupter, now even norton AntiVirus is down…
    Anyway, I agree that Maths is fun, good to spend time on, but when it comes to exam, I still think it is really a hard subject, coz I’ve gotta DIG my 根 out of my brain…
    Anyway, wish you a fine day.

    迴響 由 Ed — 2008/04/18 @ 9:53 下午 | 回應

  2. i don’t think the situation of our class has changed much. or even i can say they hv not improved any. frankly speaking, i’m so depressed and disappointed wif the class’s atmosphere and the classmates’ attitude. they dun get anything that we tried to do for them.

    迴響 由 SP Loa — 2008/04/19 @ 9:26 下午 | 回應

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