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SFX Swimming Gala and the Enrollment Ceremony

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Some schools in Hong Kong, including primary schools, organize swimming galas every year. However, it was quite a historical moment for Xaverians to take part in the 7th Swimming Gala on 16 May 2008 (FRI) in Kowloon Tsai swimming pool. No swimming gala organized in our school for 25 YEARS! Our principal Mr. Yuen (one of the teachers witnessed the 6th or before Swimming Gala) thought that it should be quite natural to set up Swimming Gala in a boy school. As he claimed that the 2-year dream came true and being actualized as a result of the hard working of P.E. teachers and many helpers. That was quite an enjoyable monent in general.

Teachers were falling into two extremes, at one end, they were busy working around the swimming pool, but at the other, they (together with non-athlete students) had to sit on the spectator stand for 4 hours something and do nothing but watch the competition together with the scenery of the still pool with no competitor. My job? The latter category with something like : singing of the school song and supervision of red cross helpers. Thank you God for protecting us from accidents.

Just add something minor, some students sitting at my back were quite exciting watching the “show". Their comments like: “Wow! Good body shape!" (When seeing the competitors getting ready for the competition) “Wow! Beautiful towel ar!" “Wow! How lovely the swimming suit is!" Yes, they were really exciting. Urm…yes, we are boy school.

When talking about Red Cross, the 21st Enrollment Ceremony of the Red Cross Youth Unit 81 was just held on 18th May, 2008 (Sunday) in the Champagnat Hall. We had invited our old boy Mr. Ho Chi Hang (DDO) to be a guest of honor. How great to hear that he’ll be a new father soon! In his speech, he talked about a retired senior teacher Mr. Poon. Yes, Mr. Poon also taught me a lot. Also, to the best of my memory, this is the first time that we had our principal to share the joy with us!

This unit had been established for 30 years. And it is always my feeling that members in this unit are working and helping other each in unity. It should be a good tradition that the senior students are willing to take care of the junior ones. As the HSL, Kwong Kin Man said it was a good show. Preparations, decoration, games, drama, gag video show, choir, refreshments…I do appreciate Kwong Kin Man, Wong Chun Fai , Lau Kin Chun, Mok Ka Chun and many other committee members, spending their time, devoting themselves to organize the ceremony. The MV was amuzing and touching. They also prepared special gifts and sing a song to the AUO Ms Rebecca Ho. I must say students of our school could perform efficiently and effectively! They could finish a task successfully in a very short period of time. Just let them do.

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