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Do something vs Do something meaningful

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Sometimes, it’s easy to DO something to meet requirements. For urgent demands, we can do something to keep the angry mouths shut. For long lasting problems, may be something about the whole system structure, something cannot be resolved in a second, we still can do something to (pretend to) show that we concern. Usual logic: well, do something, better than none. However, sometimes we are not brave enough to STOP doing something, especially something had been long time existing. We cannot stop something that we are practicing as usual; unless someone can find out more powerful substitution. Outsiders are actually easy to add comments and critique, but they may not fully understand the suffering among the insiders. The most difficult part is to do something MEANINGFUL. If something is meaningless, should we persist in working hard on it because of reasons not really beneficial to the people in need? In teaching career, the people in need are, of course, students. What are non-relevant reasons? Many, they may be something about the fairness of job allocation, good looking statistics or practices of all (?) other schools etc. Well, the definition of meaning is sometimes not tangible, it is all about mindsets, so to speak. Living like a dog, I need to strike a balance between ‘vision and mission’ and ‘pragmatic operation’. Sorry to give garbage here, I’m a sinner, not qualified to talk too much, just wanna say a little after the meeting…

Don’t worry, be happy, just share with you the following ad…Have fun.
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