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Dedekind sum

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Have a glance at the hyperlink, the following handout should be some ‘training’ materials for mathematics competition (secondary school level) in Hong Kong, have a look if you are interested in “Dedekind sum":


Something about number theorist: some days ago, I saw Koopa’s ad. on a bus, then I’d tried to surf in net and found the following:


After watching the promo, my wife said to me that if she were a student, she would take the course!

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  1. JOHN SIR去搶佢飯碗啦

    迴響 由 FTL — 2009/07/30 @ 3:02 上午 | 回應

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing Koopa’s blog. Very interesting place to visit for those who love maths.

    Wen Shih

    迴響 由 Wen Shih — 2009/08/03 @ 5:54 下午 | 回應

  3. @ FTL

    1. I’m not handsome enough.
    2. I’m not capable of being a doctor tutor.
    3. You are just making a cool joke, FTL.

    @ Wen Shih


    迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2009/08/03 @ 10:20 下午 | 回應

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