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My first NSS math lesson

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During the first NSS mathematics lesson in F.4D, I gave my students a piece of worksheet for practicing simple algebraic computation. (Well, I could collect money during the time when they were doing classwork)

Q.1 to 4 are factiorization problems: factorize the following

1. 1 - x^2(1 - 2x)^2
2. x^2 - 35x + 294
3. 2x^2 + 6x - 15z - 2xy + 5yz - 5xz
4. x^4y^4 + x^2y^2 + 1

Then I’d set the following questions in the worksheet and asked them to hand in as their homework:

5. What is your feeling about mathematics?
6. What is your expectation of mathematics teacher in this acedemic year?
7. What is your expectation on your own about the learning of mathematics?

The most interesting question to me is Q.6. And the comments from students are always reminders to me, just share some:

(a) Trying his best to teach us and care about our studies
(b) I expect my teacher can care the poor students (like me), but not just care about the good (good at maths) students
(c) Teach more mathematics skills, give less homework
(d) 我希望數學老師可教多一些課外知識或更難的題目
(e) Fun, can let me learn well
(f) I expect he can teach maths with fun so that everyone concentrate on the lesson
(g) Nothing, but just hope Mr Ng can enjoy himself in his teaching
(h) I don’t want this maths teacher leave me in the following 2 years
(i) Just leave me alone

At the time of discussion of worksheet, a student, Chan, gave a solution on the ‘green-board’ which involved solving equation with complex numbers, his handwriting:


Not bad, right? some students had done PRE-LESSON PREPARATION already, not need to USE teaching schedule to force them to do so..hopefully…


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  1. 是中幾的數學?這些很熟,但已忘記了


    迴響 由 lslu — 2009/09/06 @ 10:37 上午 | 回應

  2. 很感謝john sir ,
    你竟然留意到我寫既野 …
    thank you ~

    迴響 由 kim po — 2009/09/06 @ 9:07 下午 | 回應

    • 今天才知你是學生會內閣成員,加油呀!

      迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2009/09/07 @ 10:25 上午 | 回應

  3. Hi John,

    When I obtained feedback from my students with those questions, I received similar responses :P

    In addition, I am expected to be humourous to make lessons interesting and to be lenient when it comes to grading. It is not easy being a teacher to highly demanding students these days, haha!

    Guess we will just have to try our best to win them over with our sincere effort to reach out.


    Wen Shih

    迴響 由 Wen Shih — 2009/09/08 @ 8:11 下午 | 回應

    • Thank you Wen Shih!

      I strongly agree with you that “take my students as my teachers because they enable me to become a better learning mentor" (extracted from you website) I always ask myself that “what I need to improve my daily teaching?" At least, I found that “creating an atomsphere of discussing mathematics during lessons" and “making students willing to express their ideas" are not very easy to be achieved. I need to try harder.

      Thank you again for your warm messages!

      迴響 由 johnmayhk — 2009/09/09 @ 6:16 下午 | 回應

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