Quod Erat Demonstrandum


About Mathematics and me

Mathematics is so beautiful and mysterious. I love her (the queen of science) and do want to know her deeply. Being a secondary mathematics teacher in Hong Kong, I enjoy sharing what I know and what I find with my students. However, my mathematics ‘level’ is so limited, and as the old saying that ‘learn more and know less’, it is not possible to do serious research in mathematics (or go beyond master degree) during ‘hard hours’ in my teaching career in Hong Kong. It is just an old dream.

About this blog

I’d like to use LaTeX in blog to write something about mathematics, wordpress is a good choice. At least, I can practise using LaTeX. 相信 80 年代的香港初中生對『Q.E.D.』這個簡稱不會陌生,我們的數學老師會說:『Quite Easy Done』,但 Quod Erat Demonstrandum 這個拉丁文的原意,相信很多人會遺忘。參考以下連結吧 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q.E.D. 數學重視證明,『這被證明了』是一個又一個的目標,希望這個 blog 的意義和功能最終都『被證明』是正面的。My old Forum is functioning good because it allows “applet” and more “html” except the LaTeX, a very powerful tool in this blog. Getting full use of both forum and blog may be beneficial to me and students.

My blog
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (https://johnmayhk.wordpress.com)

My forum
濟濟一堂學術討論區 (http://www.hkedcity.net/ihouse_tools/forum/index.phtml?forum_id=27877¤t_page=)

My e-mail

My facebook user name
PositiveEnergy Nwc

My other pages
A page of Applied Mathematics (II)
My uit assignment


哈代(Hardy)最難受的是年過六十失去了創造力,只能寫"有關"數學的文字而不是寫數學,老驥伏壢,志在千里,烈士暮年,壯心不已。(From 『百年來的美國數學』石厚高)

(某次有關我為何要寫 Blog 的回應)

我不時想 delete blog。究竟寫這些東西幹嘛?


這 Blog 有類似的『功能』吧?

對我來說,寫 Blog 當玩 online game 外,還有一個自私的理由。

嗯,打個比喻:若一般無聊的在課程內的中小學的數學是『地獄』,那麼有趣的在課程外的甚至大專以上的數學就是『天堂』的話,這個 Blog 就好像『煉獄』,我就在這個無間煉獄猶如無主孤魂般上下尋索;天堂有很多深刻的珍寶,然而不透過在煉獄磨練一下曾經鋒利的神兵利器,我會極容易墮落(BA 用語)到地獄,(注:這比喻並不代表本人信仰立場)我認為是一種可惜。

另外,這 Blog 亦可提供給數學高手們一些找錯處或暗笑的主題,不要忘記『芝麻街』也有娛樂性呀!



7 則迴響 »

  1. hello,can you explain what is “four deimensions",it is hard for me to figure out …


    迴響 由 schmidt劉 — 2009/09/17 @ 8:36 下午 | 回覆

  2. 給你電郵我,ok?

    迴響 由 Lam — 2011/08/31 @ 11:30 上午 | 回覆

  3. Hi! As I haven’t paid attention to new websites for a few years, I’m curious about what the popular traditional math websites for high school students are nowadays. Do you happen to know them?

    迴響 由 Soarer — 2011/09/15 @ 1:45 下午 | 回覆

  4. oops I meant to say traditional chinese = = didn’t notice “chinese" was missing. But all in all, wonderful links! Thanks!

    迴響 由 Soarer — 2011/09/17 @ 10:37 上午 | 回覆

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